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Creative Energy Inc.

100 4th St NW

PO Box 9

South Heart ND 58655

Phone: 701-677-5327

Contact us for any information you need on our toll free number


We offer honest rates you deserve!

Since our inception over 85 years ago, our one simple goal has always been to provide you with top-quality products for the affordable and honest rates you deserve. Learn more about our extensive industry experience when you speak with our team today!

Ask our friendly staff questions when you’re in doubt about what you might need.

Helping you improve your home.

Take advantage of our 85 years of experience.

You can trust our team to help you with any home improvement work you might have because we have been helping thousands of people succeed in their projects. We can also provide you with electrical supplies, nuts, bolts, screws, hand tools, power tools and much more.