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85 years of industry excellence

We offer Cenex brand of motor oil in quarts, gallons, and bulk.


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Trusted and reliable motor oils

We help you properly care for your vehicles, machinery and tools for years by offering the area's most affordable motor oil prices. We work directly with business-owners and home-owners alike to provide you with motor oil that meets manufacturers' requirements with affordable bulk savings too!


Choose from conventional, premium conventional, fully synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage oils when you contact us!

We're your local motor oil experts:

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 •  Synthetic motor oil

 •  Synthetic blend motor oil

 •  Conventional motor oil

 •  Heavy-duty diesel

 •  Two-cycle and four-cycle

Our motor oil options:

 •  Quart

 •  Gallon

 •  Bulk (custom orders)

 •  Affordable rates

 •  FREE estimates

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